Better Late: Issue 11 Launch

We’re very pleased to announce that Issue 11 will be launched on November 29th at 7pm at No One Writes to the Colonel, on 460 College Street, Toronto. [ALERT: Venue has now changed to The Ossington, at 61 Ossington!] We’d love to see you there! Please respond to the Facebook event page. What else do you have to do on a cold November evening?

The launch will begin at 7pm and feature readings, as well as door prizes from Descant Magazine, Book City, Sam James Coffee Bar, Cafe Pamenar, and many others.

Issue 11 includes work by J.A. Tyler, Laboni Islam, Molly Lynch, Bill Howell, C.S. Fuqua, Daniel Perry, Andy Vatiliotou, Jeffery Alfier, Eric Zboya, Carol Novack, Joe Milford, Suzannah Showler, Aerin Fogel, Nancy Gobatto, Anna Veprinska, John Grey, Joshua Willey, and Carol McCarthy.

The issue also features cover art by David Zilber, and photography and art work by Rachel MacFarlane, Alex King, Rachel Regina and Vuk Dragojevic.

As previous year’s editor-in-chief Annie Russell writes in her intro to the issue,

“We’re so proud to bring you the work contained here. We’ve gathered some from near and some from far, addressing homes and floods, travellers and settlers, the work of building and what comes after the breaking apart. You won’t leave unsatisfied, and odds are, we’ll have had the privilege of introducing you to some writers you hadn’t yet encountered. Regardless, we believe you’ll find that there is a consistent freshness to these pages, a humour and fearlessness that we hope will blow your hair back a little.”


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