ISSUE 12 (Fall 2012)

Caitlin Thomson “Lessons”

Ben Ladouceur “Loosestrife”

Hugh Behm-Steinberg “Bees”

Tristan Chiruvolu “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

Stefan Berg “Artist’s Statement,” & “Rodin”

Andrew Battershill “The Pros and Cons of Artisanal Chair Ownership”

Jeff Nagy “Evening Prayer”

Henry Walters “Odysseus I & Thouu,” & “Plumbing”

Eleanor Leonne Bennett “starfish”

Julie McArthur “The Inkling”

Catherine Graham “The Ring-Necked Pheasant,” & “The Woman in the House”

Laura Merleau “You’re Lucky We’re Not Sending You to Jail,” “Once a Police Station,” “Annotate it in Your Own Handwriting,” & “Exactly What the Evolutionist of the Era Did Not Want the Hear”

Eric Zboya “Artist’s Statement,” “Arsenic,” & “Lawrencium”

Andy Johnson “The Bog Bobby Wilkerson”

Joel Allegretti “The Dark Sear Breaks Heavily”

Jenni B. Baker “La Bataille Redouble de Violence”

Stefan Berg “Gardiner”

Andre Babyn “The City”

Will Johnson “I Went to Alaska to see the Ocean”

Nadia Ragbar “Beached”

Eleanor Leonne Bennett “not alone”

Lauren de Paepe “Whose Hand”

Barbara Konecny “silhouettes”

Paul Franz “Review of Sina Queyras’ Autobiography of Childhood

Phoebe Wang “Review of Helen Guri’s Match

ISSUE 11 (September 2011)

J.A. Tyler “The Woman She Carried an Egg Into the Ocean [11]”

Laboni Islam “Bahrain, 1986”

Molly Lynch “Homage to Dinosaurs”

Bill Howell “Christmas in Bolivia”

J.A. Tyler “The Woman She Carried an Egg Into the Ocean [12]”

Vuk Dragojevic “Feature Portfolio”

C.S. Fuqua “Oddities”

Daniel Perry “Tabaco Babies”

Andy Vatiliotou “My Brother Moses”

Jeffery Alfier “Renaming the Earth”

J.A. Tyler “The Woman She Carried an Egg Into the Ocean [13]”

Eric Zboya “Feature Portfolio”

Carol Novack “Little Red”

Joe Milford “Skeet Shoot”

Susannah Showler “From the Menu of the Pearl Street Grill, Buffalo, NY (found poem)”

Jeffery Alfier “My Last Landlord in Cleveland”

Aerin Fogel “Bad Skin”

Jeffery Alfier “Sierra del Tigre”

J.A. Tyler “The Woman She Carried an Egg Into the Ocean [14]”

Rachel MacFarlane, Alex King, Rachel Regina “echolocation Gallery”

Nancy Gobatto “Evidence of Human Life”

Anna Veprinska “I cried to dream again”

John Grey “Descent”

Bill Howell “Last Time You Spoke”

Joshua Willey “A Town Called Pakistan”

Carol McCarthy “The Virgin Sister”

J.A. Tyler “The Woman She Carried an Egg Into the Ocean [15]”

ISSUE 10 (September 2010)

Braydon Beaulieu “peak xi,” & “peak v.”

J. Mary Burnet “The Last Pearl Fisherman in Scotland”

Ruth Taylor “The Day I Hugged the President”

Marianne Burlew “Doorway to the New Room,” & “Doorway to the Outside”

Carol Reid “Parlour Games”

Danielle Favorite “Oyster Bones,” & “Newaygo River”

David Brock “Family Tree, & “The Fantastic Flying Machine Dream”

Danielle de Pass “Frozen Ground”

Vuk Dragojevic “Brendan”

Dave Lordan “The Methods of the Enlightenment”

Jake Beaudrow “Perseverance”

Gabe Foreman “Armchair Psychologists,” & “House-sitters”

Marianne Perron “Jane,” & “Oaxaca”

Heba Ragheb “Embraced”

Stephen Hill “Dorothy’s Fix”

Eric Zboya “Theory”

Pradeep Solanki “The Glass-Eaters”

ISSUE 9 (Winter 2009)

Pasha Malla “Why I Won’t Be Calling You “Mojo'”

Tristan Samuk “Hiking Journal,” & “Pluto”

Jeff Parker “The Deportation of Evgeny Maximovich”

Matt Leslie “Shadow Among Shadows”

Graham Arnold “Midway, 1942”

Julie Innis “Sanctuary”

Kasia Juno “Dear Julia”

Spencer Gordon “God’s Great Tissue Paper,” & “Enthusiastic World Travellers”

Elaine Hayes “Girdled”

Seyward Goodhand “The Captioners”

Andrew Sullivan “The Dropped”

ISSUE 8 (April 2009)

Kate Jenks “Blueberries”

Andrew Pulvermacher “Breakfast Without Rosa,” & “A Fine Dress for an Evening Out”

Heather Jessup “Measuring Stars,” & “Orbital”

Ellen Broderick “The Tin Phoenix”

Megan Skyvington “The Outsider,” “Men Are For Fashion,” & “View From Window”

Laura Clarke “Casperton, population 2500”

Catriona Wright “Summer”

Rebecca Rosenblum “Night Flight”

Cole Nowicki “In Flight”

Alex Grigorescu “Calm”

Justin Joschko “For Mitch Mitchell”

Jon Chan “View from front seat of balier, near Markerville, Alberta,” & “Hiroshima building”

Jeff Vande Zande “What Just Happened”

Gillian Sze “Crossing Borders,” & “One-Year Lease”

Andrew DuBoise “Bent Electric”

derek beaulieu “fierce indulgence 5,” fierce indulgence 7,” & “blackout whiteout”

Eric Zboya “wernicke’s aphasia,” & “vulpecula”

Morgan Murray “Zapf Dingbats,” Fig. 3 Noise as maze,” & “Fig. 5 Fowchart of an idea”

Emily Carr “myse en abyme (v.)”

George Elliott Clarke “from Thirty Years (1975-2005)

Corinna Chong “from Mismatched Spoons

Andrew MacDonald “Gorky”

Spencer Gordon “A Review of David O’Meara’s Noble Gas, Penny Black

ISSUE 7 (April 2008)

Waldo Gremio “Ortolan”

Alveraz Ricardez “Dreams of Sinaloa”

Theresa Muñoz “On a lake”

Priscilla Atkins “On Inheriting My Great-Grandmother’s Luncheon China”

Lindsey Zier-Vogel “Letters to Amelia Earheart”

Caitlin Reid “from The Jean-Michel Basquiat Suite

Robert James Berry “The Charts”

Aisha John “Vancouver to Toronto, through Merritt, BC”

Daniel Scott Tysdal “Sonnet,” & “Photo”

David Livingstone Clink “My Father’s Office”

Rebecca Rosenblum “The Weatherboy”

Stephen J. Dines “Beneath the Skin”

Elise Moser “Dinner at the Restaurant Blatt”

David Reibetanz “Growing an Ear: An Interview with Don McKay”

Triny Finlay “Archives of the Imaginary”

Allan Corrigan “The Lost Canadian Poet of the Sixties”

Justine Warwick “Unstable Monuments”

Kit Dobson “The Sounds of Land Breaking”

ISSUE 6 (December 2006)

Gabe Christian Foreman “Sweethearts,” & “Old Flames”

Rebecca Rosenblum “Dead Boyfriend Disco”

Lindsey Zier-Vogel “Annie Oakley,” & “Dress”

Christopher Mulrooney “Kienholz”

Claire Sharpe “Yarmouth,” & “The Bittern Line”

Margaret Fieland “Creamed Spinach”

Moez Surani “Cairo”

David Reibetanz “cold water in your hands”

Jesse Ferguson “Shaman Traveller to Other Worlds for Blessings,” & “The Noonday Demon”

David Bulley “Chains”

Steven J. Dines “Dodging Trains”

Kim Dean “Wood Grains and Waivers”

Amy Jones “Lara and Steven”

Lauren Kirshner “The Preoccupations of Our Moment: An Interview with Camilla Gibb”

Nicholas Bradley “Making Sense of the Forest: An Interview with Roger Bringhurst”

Daniel Scott Tysdal “Thought Made More Thoughtful”

Liza Chiber “The Powerful Play”

Ágnes Ecsedy “I Was There, and I Remember It”

Nicholas Bradley “Species of Memory, Species of Order”

Adam Hammond “A Way to Stop Things”

ISSUE 5 (October 2006)

Luke Kennard “The Murderer”

Monica Kidd “Breath,” & “Buffalo Jump”

Anita Lahey “Sun Strokes”

Karen McElrea “Easter Vigil”

Sandra Murdock “Chrysanthemum Words”

Robert Grant Price “Reflections on a Still Life Painting”

Mark Stephenson “Vermin I,” “Vermin II,” “Vermin III,” & “Vermin IV”

Malcolm Sutton “The Slideshow”

Phillip Kohtz “Horoscope”

Robyn Read “Hibernation”

Kerry Clare “Carousel”

Kyle Carsten Wyatt “Literary Condiments Diced and Grated”

Simon Patrick Rogers “Too Fine for Dull Browns and Greens”

Kit Dobson “Like a Vast Blue Pool,” & “Language Writing Successfully Detaches Meaning”

ISSUE 4 (November 2005)

Dave Margoshes “The Parable of the Meatloaf”

Madeline Sonik “Clean”

Kai Fierle-Hedrick “Over Our Heads,” & “A Montage”

Anne Simpson “Hour Glass,” & “Monk’s Head Pond”

John Grey “Life in Venice”

Monica Kidd “Choke”

Linda Besner “Thaw”

Ray Hsu “Chamber Music,” “Cabinet of Antiques,” & “Empire”

rob mclennan “Joe Blade’s River”

Robert Price “Violence”

Samantha Warwick “The Night Swan”

Andy Brown “The Breaking Waves”

Sheri Benning “If Only Nighe and the Silence”

Stephen Paul Miller “Potato Chip”

Catherine Dent “The Hole at Backyard Park”

Simon Patrick Rogers “‘That Timbre of Authenticity’: An Interview with Chris Banks”

Eli MacLaren “Plumbing the Depths”

Lindy A. Ledohowki “Connections and Unravellings”

Jared Bland “The Quickening Moment of Recollection”

Alan Corrigan “Images from a Woodblock Print”

Kit Dobson “Poetry Offerings from Three Canadian Presses”

Nicholas Bradley “The Mark of a Crow’s Talon and the Unequivocal Trappings of Weakness”

ISSUE 3 (January 2005)

Chris Banks “Asian Beetles”

Anita Lahey “Saturation”

K.I. Press “Experienced a nervouse collapse,” “Stipulated for one acre of land,” & “Whose work has been much admired”

Dave Margoshes “The Bears”

Aaron Peck “On Strangeness”

Valerie Compton “Brighid”

Moez Surani “Profitless Labour,” & “Several Idiomatic Demonstrations of ‘Carbuncle'”

Jonathan Garfinkel “Excerpts from Ferdinand Cheval: Scenes from  a Peasant’s Temple”

Monica Kidd “Drought,” & “What You Can’t Tell from a Photo”

Jill Boettger “Rain Street Love,” & “An Armful of Love”

Mark Goldstein “March 16, from Among Days”

Daniel Scott Tysdal “One Way of Shuffling is Ten Hours into Back–to-Back Sessions Going on Tilt”

Lina Ramona Vitkauskas “Transverse Hemlock”

Lesley Buxton “Thieves”

David Reibetanz “The Green Man: A Glosa”

Madeline Bassnett “Death: A Fugue in 3 Parts”

David Kennedy “Lucky Garden Night Blues”

Nora Gould “Summer”

Nancy Holmes “He Loves Archaeology”

Sheri Benning “St. Benedict’s Rule”

Sophie Levy “Rapprochement: Getting Intimate with Nicole Brossard

Kit Dobson “Language Decadent in its Convolutions”: Dennis Denisoff’s Winter Gardeners

Nicholas Bradley “Across Rivers and Borders: A Review of Robinson’s Crossing”

ISSUE 2 (Spring 2004)

Matthew Holmes “A Moveable”

Paul Vermeersch “Even Beaten Horses Have Ghosts,” & “A Sudden Plague of Toads”

Melanie Siebert “Poem for a Gravel Road”

Steven Heighton “She’s” & “The Last Greenlander”

Anita Lahey “Seduction”

Arley McNeney “Rewrite”

Tanis Rideout, from “love letters to lois lane”

Sandra Di Zioby heart

Sean Johnston “Today a blue bowl”

Karen Connelly “Dog Meat, the New Horse”

Robin Road “Souvenirs”

Mark Goldstein, from “Among Days”

Leo Meller “if you bite”

Yi-Mei Tsiang “Avid Mouths”

Matthew Holmes “traditional dances for tourists”

rob mclennan “alison birds”

Sophie Levy “she/said” & “Aphelion”

James Scoles “You’re Monies Worth”

Francisco Freitas “The Speed of Love”

Joanna M. Weston “To an Island”

Blaise Moritz “The Streetcar Driver”

Katia Grubisic “Aerofoil”

ISSUE 1 (2003)

Bill Stenson “Hope”

Katia Grubisic “Ring”

Steve McOrmand “Turbulence”

Jennifer Bronson “low tide,” “January,” & “distance”

Glenn Hayes “Two Positions”

Katherine Cameron “Here, Now”

Christina Mengert “Overworld”

Naomi Bower “amniotic”

Michael Beninger “Leroy in the Speakeasy,” “Leroy’s Lament,” “Leroy Disturbs the Gallery,” & “Leroy and the Lamplighter

Sean Johnston “Asquith 18 km”

Nadia Bozak “The Dawn: As Pedro Will Never See It, 2003”

Heather Dubrow “Whales,” & “The right word can”

George Murray “The Clearing”

Mathhew Trafford “Avocado”

Brenda Leifso “Finding Daughter Blue”

Holly Luhning “Wahike,” & “Rangitoto”

Tamara Massey “The Cove”

A.J. Levin “Moving In,” “E13: I am Rose,” & “in writing”

Mark D. Stephenson “A Flock of Starlings”

Sigrún María Kristinsdóttir “Sisters”

Matthew Holmes “the tension of love and windows,” “Ghazal of July Storm,” “Samuel Marchbanks’ daughter…,” & “Wet Friday wet…”

Ray Hsu “a new verse translation”


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